Why Is Honista Not Available on Standard App Stores?

Direct Distribution Model

One of the reasons why you will not be able to download Honista on Google Play or the Apple App Store is their philosophy: direct distribution. This method enables Honista to interact more directly with users and provide personalized customer service and rapid updates without being delayed by app store approvals. Direct distribution allows users to always receive the latest features and security fixes immediately after they are available.

Advanced Security and Privacy Features

Since Honista does not have to use standard app stores, it can offer much greater control over standards and privacy than is allowed in the guidelines and restrictions of other platforms Operational control over the distribution means that Honista is able to implement security functions directly from the download stage adding extra layers of security against unauthorized access and tampering.

Customization and Flexibility

Side stepping the app stores also provides Honista with customisation and flexibility capabilities that are head and shoulders above any other provider of note. In most of the cases, app stores have very strict guidelines on application behavior and functionality what can actually limit how applications may communicate with each other or with external software/hardware devices. Through this distribution model, Honista takes care to also fully optimize and customize its software for large enterprise customers, given proper integration with proprietary systems that may not be fully supported through common app store downloads.

Avoiding App Store Fees

App stores may also charge fees amount 30% of an app's revenue. This way, Honista bypasses these fees and can invest in product development and customer support. It can also allow the user to save on the expense, thus making the platform more competitive and affordable for all users.

Updates & Patches(customer controlled Install/Uninstall)

Using direct distribution also gives Honista complete control on how, and when updates or patches are released. Enterprise-grade software especially requires this level of control since updates might require thorough testing in particular environments before going live to prevent new versions from disrupting existing operations. According to Honista, the solution can accommodate updates on users' calendars (similar to those that circulation departments use) and not continuous through standard app store full rollout.

Compliance and Data Sovereignty

When dealing with software which data is a concern, the interest of regulatory compliance and data sovereignty are crucial. Regulations around data privacy and security differ per country. Direct distribution also allows Honista to make sure its software is up to regulatory standards locally, by issuing versions of the app that are appropriate for meeting certain national or regional standards - something that can be more onerous when it requires going through global app stores.

Seems like not running an app on regular app stores is a pretty good idea to serve the simple, secure, and efficient services with own ways. This approach serves as enables customer facing contact; adheres to strict security requirements; and allows them the agility to respond rapidly to changing needs of their customers.

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